Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The triumph of obscenity

It appears that Hani Suleiman of bile blog fame has been elected to the Executive Committee of the Java Community Process. I find ithard to believe that the author of such extreme vulgarity and obscenity should be proposed, and even worse retained, to a position of influence in the java community.

Given that the election process looks fair and square, the blame does not lie with Sun Inc. but the electors, in this case the JCP membership.

As the number of ignored standards proposed by the JCP increases year over year, the inverse can be said about its influence. Thus, I don't think Hani can do much harm in his new position. However, his mere election to a position of leadership constitutes social endorsement of obscenity. There is something not quite right about socially promoting individuals who make a habit of egregiously insulting their peers.

I can only hope that the electors will have the wisdom to vote differently the next time his seat is up for election, sometime in 2008.

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