Tuesday, April 25, 2006

1st chapter of Tapestry in Action

I just finished reading the first chapter of "Tapestry in Action" by Howard M. Lewis Ship. I really like the style of the author. The introductory chapter clearly explains the conceptual differences between Struts, a servlet controlled framework, and Tapestry, a component controlled framework. The author also does a very good job of pointing out the weaknesses in Struts.

After 4 years of Struts, I am a little scared of the different programming model. Nevertheless, I can't wait to read the rest of the book to see if Tapestry lives up to its promise.

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Michael Vorburger.ch said...

Hey Ceki - have you looked at Wicket and RIFE?

Obviously there are many Java Web Frameworks. When I looked around a while ago, I concluded Tapestry, Wicket (Component-oriented quite like Tapestry) and RIFE (and maybe jWic, maybe maybe JSF with an HTML instead of JSP template approach?) would be the ones worth spending a bit more time on...

Of course I then didn't have the time to, so this is no evaluation, just pointing to some other choices... Both Wicket and RIFE seems to be Continuations based, which at least at a conceptual level sounds interesting/ promising, though of course one would have to try.