Friday, October 27, 2006

Version numbers in Maven

I am probably the 50th person ranting about lack of inheritance of version numbers in Maven. Those who use Maven 2.0.4 will know what I am talking about. Maven developers plan to bring a solution with the next release, i.e. 2.1. Whatever the solution, it can't be worse than using the release plug-in, the officially recommended approach at present time. The release-plugin approach is both total crap and an insult to intelligence.

Nevertheless, I am fairly happy with Maven 2. Our 3 month investment is finally starting to pay off. If Maven were a car, it would safely take you from place to place as long as you did not switch on the radio. You see, the radio feature in Maven is not meant to be actually used. It is there for show only. As soon as you attempt to tune in to some music, the exhaust will sound off a loud bang and your car will need to be towed to the nearest garage for maintenance.

If you know of a good solution to the version number problem, please share your wisdom with us, mere mortals.

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