Thursday, July 10, 2008

The iPhone this, the iPhone that

The new iPhone will be available for sale in Switzerland starting tomorrow. The local press is abuzz with the news. They claim that the iPhone is easy to use, the icons highly legible, the screen wider than the competition, its 3G technology allowing high-speed access to the internet. The iPhone this, the iPhone that.

But, no mention of Skype+iPhone integration. As a reminder, I carry around a telephone to transmit and receive sound, more precisely the sound of voice, mine and the person talking to me. Call and get called, without budgeting a second rent, is what I want from my phone. The ubiquitous Wi-Fi, plus Skype/iPhone combination would give me just that.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to run Skype over the iPhone. Sigh.

If you are looking for a start up idea, I've got one for you: build a phone based on Linux (or Windows), specifically designed to run Skype. I'd buy one, so would the rest of the planet.


Unknown said...

You can use fring for it.
(I think It is best choice - all-in-one).

Ceki said...

Hello Andrey,

Thanks for the pointer. I am not too familiar with fring. Fring might indeed be a valid solution. However, when phone+WiFi+skype is such a natural combination, introducing yet another service into the mix seems artificial and unnecessary. But, if the phone+WiFi+skype is not workable, then Fring might be the way to go.

Unknown said...

But Skype isn't a sole voip service in the World ;-)

For example I use:
- Google's GTalk, because it use open standard XMPP and presents convergence all-in-one solution (email+IM+VoIP+vmaill) that is really great thing


- (open standard SIP protocol used).

Also I have e-ten glofiish PDA with Windows (there isn't official iPhone here in Russia).

Fring works with them ALL fine.

PS: I want to say: Thank You for Your great slf4j product and for Your ultimate contribution to java logging.